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Department of Periodontology

The department of periodontology undertakes teaching in periodontology for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The activities include lectures, clinical practice, seminar, researches and academic services.For lectures, the department has an emphasis on student-centered method, self-study and activities in various topics, including website with on-line teaching. Clinical practices are provided through treatment planning seminar and discussions. The students in all levels have direct clinical experience in treating periodontal patients under supervision of the qualified staff.Continuing education is arranged annually by the staff and world-renowned periodontists from abroad. The staff is invited to give lectures at other dental faculties. The staff of the department also provides advanced clinical treatment to patients e.g. GTR, dental implants.

Furthermore, all staff members and postgraduate students conduct researches in clinical practice, basic biological science and molecular biology. Research papers are frequently accepted for publication both nationally and internationally.

Staff List

Saengsome Prajaneh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. (Head of Department)

– D.D.S.
– M.Sc. (Periodontology)
– Diplomate of the Thai Board of Periodontology
email: sanpra@.kku.ac.th

Aroon Teerakapong, Assoc. Prof.
– D.D.S.
– Cer.in Periodontology
– M.Sc. (Periodontology)
– Diplomate of the Thai Board of Periodontology
email: Aroontee@yahoo.com

Nawarat Wara-Aswapati Charoen, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
– D.D.S.
– Cer.in Periodontology
– D.M.Sc. (Oral Biology)
– Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology
– Diplomate of the Thai Board of Periodontology
email: nawarat @kku.ac.th

Waraporn Suwonnarong, Asst. Prof.

– M.Sc. (Periodontology)
– Diplomate of the Thai Board of Periodontology
email: warsuw@kku.ac.th


Doosadee Hormdee, Asst. Prof. Dr.

– Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Science (Periodontology)
email: nootdoosadee@hotmail.com


Angkhana Sangpanya, Asst. Prof.

– M.Sc. (General Dentistry)
email: wangkh@kku.ac.th

Kanonchnok Tangwanichgapong
email: monmonkto26@gmail.com



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