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Department of Oral Diagnosis
The Department of Oral Diagnosis at Khon Kaen University comprises 3 divisions; oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial radiology and oral pathology. Currently, the Department is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in several subjects including oral diagnosis, oral radiology, oral pathology, oral medicine, radiographic interpretation of oral and maxillofacial lesions, differential diagnosis of oral lesions, seminar in oral clinico-radio-pathological correlation as well as seminar in oral diagnostic sciences. The students are from several programs consisting of dental assistant program, undergraduate program, graduate diploma program, master degree program and doctorate degree program.

In addition to the teaching task, the department members also provide the radiographic service, service on the pathological diagnosis of the specimens and service for the patients who suffer from oral diseases alleviated by oral and systemic applications of medicine. Several research projects in oral medicine, oral radiology and oral pathology are conducted by the departmental staff in order to gain further knowledge in the biology of common oral diseases and to translate the finding from the laboratory or clinical-based research into the clinical application.

Staff List

Pensri Phothipakdee, Assoc. Prof.(Head of Department)
Grad. Dip. Clin. Sc. (Oral Medicine)
M. Sc. (Oral Medicine)
email: penphp@kku.ac.th

Suwimol Taweechaisupapong, Prof. Dr.
Ph.D. (Pathobiology)
email: suvi_taw@kku.ac.th

Suwadee Kositbowornchai,Prof. Dr.
Dr. med. Dent.
Diplomate Thai Board of Oral Diagnostic Science
email: suwadee@kku.ac.th

Mookhda Siritapetawee, Assoc. Prof.
M.Sc. (Oral Medicine)
email: mookhda@kku.ac.th

Ponlatham Chaiyarit, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
M.Sc. (Dental Diagnostic Science)
Ph.D. (Dental Science)
email: cponla@kku.ac.th

Ajiravudh Subarnbhesaj, Assist. Prof. 
Grad. Dip. Clin. Sc. (Oral Medicine)
M.D. Sc. (Oral Pathology)
Ph.D. (Dental Science) 
Diplomate Thai Board of Oral Diagnostic Science
email: ajiravudh@hotmail.com

Poramaporn Klanrit, Assist. Prof. Dr.
M.Sc. (Oral Medicine)
Ph.D. (Molecular Oncology)
email: porakla@kku.ac.th

Teerasak Damrongrungruang, Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Ph.D. (Dental Pharmacology)
email: dteera@kku.ac.th

Pipop Sutthiprapaporn, Asst.Prof.Dr.
Grad. Dip. Clin. Sc. (Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology)
Ph.D. (Dental Science)
Diplomate Thai Board of Oral Diagnostic Science

email: spipop@kku.ac.th

Wilailuk Sariddeechaikul, Assist. Prof. 


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