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Department of Prosthodontics
branches of prosthodontics on a high level so that they can practice as prosthodontic specialist. The subject covers advanced prothodontics such as maxillofacial protheses, and oral implantology are therefore included in the programs. The student in the 2-year master degree program must carry out a research project and submit the thesis upon graduation. In addition, the department also offers the 3-year Master of Science degree program in prothodontics (international program) which has been conducted under the collaboration of prosthodontic departments from three universities, i.e. the University of Sydney, Chiang Mai University, and Khon Kaen University.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can practice their clinical work on patients under supervision of the prosthodontic staff. There are nine dental technicians working in the division of central laboratory in dentistry to construct the laboratory work for students and staff. The prosthodontic equipment is available for both clinical and laboratory research for example, porcelain furnaces, titanium casting machine, CAD-CAM machine, CEREC machine, InCeram machine and etc.

Staff List

Wacharin Hovichitr, Asst.Prof.(Head of Department)
email: wivawiva@hotmail.com

Niwut Jantavee, Assoc.Prof. Dr.
D.D.S.(Hons), C.A.G.S.,
email: niwut@kku.ac.th

Danai Yodsuwan, Assoc.Prof.

B.Sc., D.D.S., Grad.Dip.in Clin.Sc.(Prosthodontics),
email: danai@kku.ac.th

Chaiwut Prukngampun, Dr. 

email: cptipe@kku.ac

Daraporn Sae-Lee, Asst.Prof. Dr. 
Ph.D. (Occlusion)
email: darsae@yahoo.com

Wisit Sakaratanan, Asst. Prof.

M.Sc.(Stomatognathic Physiology)
email: wisit@kku.ac.th

Pitpern Chanatapaporn, Asst.Prof.
M.Sc. (Prosthodontics)
email: cptipe@kku.ac

Sukontip Arwatchanakan, Assist. Prof. Dr.

email: sukarw@kku.ac.th

Suwadee Aeuarunchot, Asst.Prof. Dr.
email: asuwadee@kku.ac.th

Thidarat Angwarawong, Asst. Prof. Dr.
M.Sc. (Prosthodontics)
email: athida@kku.ac.th

Teerapan sosakul, Instructor.
D.D.S., Grad.Dip.(Oral and Maxillofacial surgery)
email: Teerapan3483@yahoo.com

Tularat Sookto, Instructor
email: tularat_sookto@yahoo.com

Atthasit Boonbanyen, Instructor

Pitiwat  Aeusuwan, Instructor

Ketsupha Suwanarpa, Instructor



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