» 35 years of “Good teeth bring happiness” training dentists to be a social giver



Besides the curriculum instruction, dentistry students are instilled with ethics, morale, and social responsibility. The year activity that builds “Dentist the social giver” is the “Good teeth bring happiness” project, which is scheduled every year from the first group in 1982 until the 35th year in 2017. The objectives are to take care, inspect and treat, and educate people on oral health care so that the Northeast people will have good oral health. 

            The year event, “Good teeth bring happiness” is organized by 4th year students. This year, Permsak Pornattapan is the project chairperson, leading the team on August 25, 2017 to Kalasin at Kamalasai School. All levels of students were interested as well as 2,000 people in the area who came to receive services from 9.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m.

            Mr. Samrit Kittichot Suksong, Kamalasai District Officer came to preside over the opening ceremony. Permsak Pornattapan , the project chairperson conveyed the reporting address and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranut Pitiphat, Dean of Faculty of Dentistry thanked the organizers. The following activity was presentation of trophies to the representative of Colgate Palmolive Company (Thailand), Director of Kamalasai School, Director of Health Promotion Hospital at Kamalasai who supported the “Good teeth bring happiness”. Then Mr. Samrit Kittichot Suksong, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranut Pitiphat Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranut Pitiphat and the delegation visited the exhibition of oral and teeth health, with Permsak Pornattapan hosting and explaining about activities at the booths. On the stage there were performances and a drama promoting oral health acted by the 1st and 2nd year students. Dental clinic was then opened to all free of charge for Kamalsai people.

            Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waranut Pitiphat said, “Besides learning in class, all dentistry students are instilled with ethics, virtues and social responsibilities. One part of this is to carry out community services. There are no classes on the day of the “Good teeth bring happiness” activity. For this project, the 3d year students plan every detail a year ahead. They meet with the community, assign jobs and organize the activity at the community. There are professors who give advices. Students from the 1st year will come to observe and the other years will take responsibilities too. This time, we also trained the village health volunteers (VHVs) on “promotion and care of oral health in the community.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Achirawut Suphanpesach, Associate Dean in Student Development said, “Problems of oral diseases are the important public health issue. A lot of citizens have caries and gingivitis. In children, these affect their growth, physical health, occlusion, and school missing. In adults, the quality of life declines. The prevalence of these diseases has a tendency to increase with the increasing population. The importance in promoting health by adjusting behaviors related to oral hygiene and food ingestion should be emphasized. In this event, we check oral health and treat dental clinical cases, give knowledge and have some other recreational activities. There is the royal mobile dental clinical unit to serve in filling, pulling, cleaning and fluoride coating. There is also treatment service by students. Our instruments are sterilized and safe.”

            Mrs. Thongkham Saimankha, a villager of Kamalasai Sub-District and a patient said, “I’m very happy to see these young ones coming to help people. If you can come every year, it will be very good. I thought they would only treat kids. I’m impressed they serve adults too. I appreciate the service from the first table until the cleaning. Although it is very hot, they all smile I like it.”

            Miss Nattharika Suengsampathan, a 4th year student said, “The 35th event is arranged by the 4th year students. It really gives the community the return. Yesterday we visited all houses and saw that people may not be able to come to the district. It would be good if we can walk to every house and ask about health, living and to give advice. This has been taught at the faculty – to see the importance of people in the community. Our professors taught us that to be a dentist we should train now so that we can really help everyone. To help patients has been our deep characters.”

            Mr. Poramin Suensawwong, a 3rd year student said, “I gain experiences from seeing a lot of people. We teach them how to brush teeth. We taught children to take care of their own oral health. It is good to talk with kids, otherwise it would be hard to understand community work. It really benefits our future as a dentist. Besides knowledge and understanding of oral health, we must understand our patient so that we can treat them effectively.”

            Miss Wachiraporn Butakhiaw, a 3rd year student said, “The experience working in this activity is really beneficial to me, and for the next year as the organizers. I’m also trying to learn other kinds or work. I learn how to talk until kids calm down.”

            The “Good teeth bring happiness” is held every year. This year is the 35th time. It emphasizes collaboration between dentistry students and the networks on oral health care. It is another activity that brings happiness to both the giver and the taker. Faculty of Dentistry fulfills its objective to produce students who will become a doctor with heartfelt dedication to help the people. This matches the university’s mission to produce graduates with qualities and standards. The graduates will be a “graduate who is ready to work” which is the identity of Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University.


News/Photographs: Watchara Noichompoo 


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